Seeds of Kindness

Seeds of Kindness

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

David has returned from exile to Jerusalem. It has been an emotional time. He left Jerusalem barefoot and returned broken. He had lost his son Absolom. He had caused a division within the nation. While trying to reunite the nation, Sheba disavows his allegiance to King David. However, throughout all the misfortune, David was blessed with a steady stream of compassionate people. Ittai, Hushai, Barzillai and many others aided the broken king. In these turbulent times, why does David still receive such tender support?

You will find the answer after Barzillai helps David cross the Jordan river. David invites the dear old man to his home to enjoy feasts together for the rest of his life. Barzillai personally declines but desires the same generosity to be done for his son. As you look around David’s table and down the corridors of his life, you will find David sowed seeds of kindness. These seeds of kindness were sown into the lives of people at their time of needs and David received a bountiful harvest in his time of need.

According to the law of sowing and reaping, every seed normally has the potential for a fruitful crop. A seed will produce many times more than itself, and the seeds of kindness will do that as well. One act of kindness from David earned him a banquet of compassion. The support David won from others exceeded his simple gestures.

It is important to remember that a seed will always produce after some time. To plant a seed and expect an immediate harvest is foolish. The same is with the seeds of kindness. There would be a harvest and it would come at a natural time. Some seeds of kindness sprout earlier than later. Some sprout perennially and others are a one time annual, but they eventual return a blessing.

It is also fascinating how the seeds of kindness can pollinate into the lives of others. One act of kindness can echo in other lives for generations to come. One pebble’s splash into the pond sends the ripples infinitely in many directions. Others may not have received the seed of kindness from you directly, but they were moved by the story of your kindness to others.

The Bible often associates acts of kindness with acts of righteousness, so it is fitting to remember the proverb from Hosea 10:12, “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, Reap in mercy.” How many seeds of kindness will you plant today?

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